The Ultimate Guide for your first Business Class Flight during the pandemic

Current pandemic has changed the way airline companies supply their services, possibly for a long time. During this time, the attitude towards flying has shifted and more people try to see the bright side of the situation and decide to book their first business class flights to some new places. Additionally, many are looking for a safer and more stress-free experience of flying back home. If you belong to either of these categories or are just looking for more information about it, here’s the ultimate guide comprising everything you need to know to find the most convenient business class tickets.


Booking the flight


When booking your first set of premium-class tickets, try to keep in mind your budget, as much as your preferences. Shifts in regulations, travel bans and more can potentially change the flight details on a whim. Prepare to be flexible and plan accordingly. The good news is that if you’re prepared to account for these impromptu changes, it becomes easy to find the business class deals to Europe of a lifetime! That’s right: while some flights are either canceled with a far pricier alternative or cost a lot from the get-go due to extremely high demand, some alternative routes can provide you with a great deal. Take this opportunity to explore novel places and broaden your horizons. Since most tourist attractions are closed, take a chance to reconnect with Mother Nature and explore its hidden beauty. Alternatively, take flights with longer layover durations to organize a mini-vacation of a day or two and visit those cities you’ve always wanted to, with cheap business class flights to Europe! Boarding & the in-flight experienceIf you don’t like waiting in line, you will love to have priority access. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a special lounge, where you can relax away from large crowds.


This is the perfect way to maintain social distancing and be able to get some peace before the flight. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to notice a lot of contactless procedures in the boarding and airport experience, as extra measures are put in place to avoid contact between passengers. Lufthansa’s business class class always offered an enjoyable experience and little has changed during these times. As a result, the price-service balance is fully in your favor. Make sure to take spare masks with you, in addition to the one you’ll want to wear in the airport and gloves. Once you’re on the plane, you will be provided with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to last you for the flight. During the flight, you will likely not have access to any screens or fun magazines, as contact is reduced.


Dining in the sky is also a bit tamer, with all food being prepackaged to ensure ultimate safety. BA business class is known for its high quality food, and whether it comes pre-packaged or not the quality is as good. Landing and what comes next If you’ve opted for a layover flight, you’ve likely also got access to a the airline’s business lounge where you can take your break. You’ll then receive your bags, fully sanitized and all of your health-related documents will be verified once more. Overall, you’ll notice that it’s business as usual, with a few extra differences to make every passenger’s experience as safe and comfortable as possible. Once you’ve exited the airport, you will likely receive instructions about quarantining or who you can contact if you’re starting to feel ill. Typically, these will not be necessary, but it’s best to keep these things in mind, just in case. Overall, now’s the perfect time to acquire your ticket among the last-minute business class deals which help your 2021 start on the right foot.